Wi-Fi Gifts For Christmas Giving

FLRV - King Connect

When you’re traveling cross-country, or just getting out to the country, staying connected is probably at the top of your list of priorities. Even though more and more campgrounds have good Wi-Fi available free or at a reasonable cost, why take the chance of checking in to that one park that has a weak Wi-Fi signal?  You’ll never have to worry again when you travel with your own Wi-Fi antenna! And, since we’re down to the last 12 days of Christmas, we thought it’s the perfect time to suggest these Wi-Fi Gifts for the RVers on your Christmas list.  Here’s our choice for perfect Wi-Fi Gifts For Christmas Giving . . .


King Connect Has You Covered

We love these new Wi-Fi antennas from King Connect, the grand-daddy of RV antennas, so you can be sure that they’re some of the best available.  They offer three options for varying needs, and each features:

  • Dual Band
  • Beamforming Technology
  • 1-Minute Setup
  • Password Secured
  • Connect All Devices


GOOD CHOICE:   King WiFiMax Router and Range ExtenderFLRV - WiFiMAX

It’s compact yet powerful and with 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual band Wi-Fi for fast speeds wherever you travel. The router features 4 standing antennas with beam-forming technology.  This is a plug and play solution that requires no installation or hardware. Just carry it into your RV, turn it on, and never worry about being without Wi-Fi again. The MSRP is just $99.99 for the KingWiFiMAx.




FLRV OmniBETTER OPTION:  King Swift Roof Mounted Omnidirectional Wi-Fi Antenna:

The King Swift is a roof mounted antenna that sits 9.5″ tall and it’s spring loaded for impact durability.  It features a single coax connection and extends 2.4GHZ for best range plus 5GHz with a router for fastest speeds.  The King Swift also comes with the King WiFiMax Bundle. The MSRP is just $229.99. Labor not included.





FLRV AutomaticTHE BEST:  King Falcon Roof Mounted Automatic Directional Wi-Fi Antenna:

This bad boy claims the longest range (2.4GHz) and fastest speeds (5GHz) of all King Falcon antennas and it comes complete with the King WiFiMax bundle. This roof mounted antenna sits only 9″ tall on your roof. Connection is through a single coax cable.  The free King WiFi app is available for both Apple and Android and makes positioning the antenna a breeze from indoors or out.  The King Falcon MSRP is $449.99. Labor not included.





While a Wi-Fi source (campsite, hotspot or store) is required for these products, these products can amplify your WiFi reception giving you faster Wi-Fi speed, so you are able to stay connected, when you want to be.  The password protection ensures that your fast speed isn’t slowed by other users.


All King Wi-Fi Antennas are available at Folsom Lake RVContact Us or call one of our Parts Specialists at 916-635-4545 and tell them you read about King Wi-Fi Antennas in our blog and they’ll give you a special discount off each of these models, as well as free shipping to our store!


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