What is a Travel Trailer Exactly?

If you’re new to this whole RV thing, the travel trailer is the easiest way to dip your toe into the RVing world. Depending on the type of travel trailer you select, you’re towing vehicle may not have to be a high-performance machine. Many families utilize their everyday trucks or SUVs to pull their travel trailers.

What is the Advantage of a Travel Trailer?

Unlike a traditional motorhome like the large Class A RVs, travel trailers enable you to pull the trailer with your towing vehicle, then unhitch the trailer when you reach your destination. This freedom allows you much easier maneuverability while traveling than trying to squeeze a tour-bus-sized RV through tight areas.

In addition to removing the trailer from the tow vehicle, one of the big advantages is the wide selection and affordability of travel trailers when compared to their Class A and Class C counterparts. We typically have a large amount of used travel trailers for sale, so we know these are a perfect fit for first-time RV buyers.


Check out an example floorplan from one of our 2019 Venture Stratus travel trailers. You can see how the U-dinette, sofa, and queen bed can make you feel like you’re right at home, even when you’re out on a campground. This is just one example floorplan; there are smaller options available and multiple layouts available, depending on the size and brand you select.

If you want to start the journey of RV ownership with an affordable travel trailer for sale, contact Folsom Lake RV at (916)-262-7165 today.

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