The Family that Rides Together Stays Together!

Recently, my family and I took a trip down to Ocotillo Wells, CA. The first/last time I had been down there was pre-baby with my husband and his parents. I had fallen in love with the beautiful desert landscape, the quirky desert towns, and, of course, off-roading. The speed! The adventure! Going places off the beaten path that I would never seen any other way. Truly amazing!

derek on the hills in desert

This last time we ALL went. Me, my husband, my three year old, my in-laws, and the Great Grandparents, as well as some family friends. There were 9 of us.

We spent the day there riding and hanging out at our basecamp, a 2000-something Weekend Warrior.

Hey, it’s a classic.

wind rider

Hanging out with my family and friends out in the beautiful desert was just wonderful, but the most impressive event of the day has to be the great ride that our 92 year old Great Grandpa Bill took in the side-by-side.

That’s right, 92. He was able to enjoy being out in the desert with his family because we had a comfortable place for him and Great Grandma (did I mention she is 86 years young?), the rest of us adults, and a 3 three year old, too! The toyhauler provided us with plenty seating and a bed to take naps in, cold beverages, food, a toilet, shade. Everything we could need, we had.

It was a priceless adventure for all of us.

Take a look:

Wanna play, too? We’ve got a great selection of toy hauler fifth wheels and travel trailers to get you and the family out there!

-Rachel Olson, May 24, 2018


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