Scenic California Road Trip Stops for 2020

When considering your next road trip through California, you have to ask yourself do we go along highway 1 or the I-5? If you decide to go along the coast, you’re in for something special! The Highway 1 route is one of the most incredible road trips in North America.


Start your road trip at the Oregon coast and take in some of the oldest Redwoods in the Jedidiah Smith Redwood State park. Making your way south you’ll certainly want to stop in San Francisco and make your way across the Golden Gate Bridge/


Be sure to keep an eye out your window for Alcatraz island. It can easily be seen from the bridge on a clear day. In operation from 1934 to 1963, The Rock was once home of some of the most notorious criminals. Today you can take tours from Pier 33.

As you make your way out of San Francisco you can head through Berkley and enjoy some incredible cheeses at the Cheese Board. They offer a daily special pizza and you’ll find people of all walks of life scattered about enjoying a delicious slice.

Yosemite National Park

If you continue down highway one, you’ll pass Big Sur and some of the North America’s best surfing stops, but if you go down I-5 you can make it to Yosemite National Park. Take in untouched scenery, more than 150 plants and many different animals living in the park. You could easily do a road trip of just Southern California, from the Santa Monica pier to the ever-popular San Diego Zoo there is no shortage of fun for the whole family on your next road trip through California.

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