RV Tips: 3 Camping Tips for Enjoying Your Stay

Planning your ideal vacation for the spring or summer doesn’t have to entail a long list of equipment and camping gear.  If you want a simple, easy camping experience, here are three RV tips for the basic camping accessories you need.  So, get ready to load up your Coachmen Catalina Legacy 243RBS travel trailer from Folsom Lake RV Center and plan your stay with these camping basics!

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Bring Comfy Camping Chairs

First, you need to bring some comfy outdoor camping chairs. The campgrounds picnic tables are often stone, which isn’t exactly ideal for a relaxing day of reading and soaking up the sun. Plus, you’ll want to be able to sit around the fire in the evenings and enjoy stories and each other’s company. You can find high-quality camping chairs on Amazon or in stores like REI and Hoopers specializing in outdoor equipment. If you’re just looking for something comfy and cheap, check Walmart or your local dollar store for camp chairs in the spring and summertime.

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Pack an Outdoor Rug

Keep the dirt out of your RV by bringing an outdoor rug to lay outside the door. You can get a small doormat or an area rug, depending on the size of your campsite. Either will help reduce the dirt and mud tracked into your RV, but the bigger, the better, in my opinion.


Pack Plenty of Towels

You never know exactly what the weather will be like on your trip, so be sure to pack extra towels. You can use these to clean off muddy shoes, wipe down tables and chairs in the morning, or for the kids after an afternoon at the beach or pool.


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