Just a Little Bit Goes a Long Way

I’ve thought and thought and thought about how to write this post. We all have been affected by the North Bay fire storms, whether peripherally, or directly. It is traumatizing. Heartbreaking. Devastating.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a call for items for a family of five she knows who had lost everything in the fire-I gave them all of my son’s clothes he had grown out of. While packing the clothes in a Rubbermaid box for them, my three year old asked me what I was doing. I told him there were some kids who needed some clothes.

“I need clothes,” he reminded me.

“Yes, you do,” I responded with a smile, “Your clothes that fit you fill your whole dresser. You have enough clothes. These clothes in the box don’t fit you anymore because you have grown. These kids don’t have enough clothes, so we are going to let them have them.” I wasn’t sure if he would throw a tantrum, when I told him, so I waited…

He picked up his stuffed giraffe he had since he was born.

“I don’t need this anymore because I grew. I’m a big boy now. I gonna give it to the kids.” He then placed the giraffe on the top of the packed clothes. I asked him if he was sure he was ready to part with it because he wouldn’t get it back, and he said yes. Later, when I packed up the car to take him to preschool he asked me,

“What happened to the kids?” Not wanting to scare him about the overwhelming loss and danger, I simply said that they needed help.

“It is important to help people when they need help,” I continued, while buckling his car seat strap.

“Mommy, what happened to the helpers?” he asked wide-eyed and curious.

“Sweetie,” I smiled, “WE are the helpers.”


Last week, we had a couple take delivery of their new RV. They lost their home in the fires. This new RV is going to be their home. We got the call on a Monday, agreements were made Tuesday, and they picked up the unit Friday morning.

All of us were touched and saddened by their story. But most of all we wanted to help. We are a family here at Folsom Lake RV. The dealership is family owned and operated. The staff are friends and spend time together outside of work. And one of the reasons we are closed for the holidays is so that all the staff can spend time with their loved ones over the holidays.

We believe that our customers become like family. We always give our new customers some gifts from us when they pick up their new RV, some things that will help them enjoy their RV and get out there and have fun. It is a time of celebration! But these customers were in different circumstances. They had lost everything. So we added a little something extra to help them take the steps toward rebuilding their life, a few comforts and necessities for their new home.

To them, it meant so much.


To everyone affected by the firestorms, we are sorry. We hope you are able to find comfort and security. If you need assistance, please contact us.

To all the helpers, thank you. Firefighters, medics, volunteers, shelter housing. Thank you for supporting our community.

The Sacramento Bee has published an article on available resources for victims of the fires and available ways to help here.

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