Helpful Info for RV Battery Maintenance

Helpful Info for RV Battery Maintenance

Storing and maintaining RV batteries isn’t all that tricky, but different RVers have differing opinions on the best ways to maintain battery life. For this post, we’ll discuss some helpful info for basic RV battery maintenance and storage.

How Do You Maintain RV Battery Life?

One of the easiest ways to maintain battery life is to ensure the water levels are monitored and refilled when necessary. Different RVs have differing battery locations, so a few different options are available here. If your RV makes it pretty easy to get to the battery, you can utilize stuff like a battery fill jug. A lot of these fill jugs come equipped with a float to prevent overfilling, too – so these are pretty helpful.

If your battery isn’t very accessible, then the fill jugs aren’t the most ideal option for you. When that’s the case, we typically see people rely on the fill valve systems. When you utilize one of the fill valve systems, the mechanism in place pumps water through the battery cells to maintain water levels.

How Do You Maintain Battery Life while Storing an RV Battery?

If you’re storing your battery for a long period of time e.g. over the winter or during long periods where it is out of commission, there are things you can do for battery life. If you have on-site RV storage at your home, workplace, etc… and can access the battery routinely, then it doesn’t really hurt to switch between your battery between a plugged-in state and unplugged state every couple weeks. Some newer batteries don’t really require the on/off charge cycle, but a lot of RVers feel it helps with certain battery types.

To learn more about RV battery maintenance or if you’re in need of RV service – then we’re the spot for you. Even though we mainly sell travel trailers, we can help with all types of RV service!

We can answer specific questions about your exact RV, RV battery setup, and provide personalized recommendations for your service schedule.  We can also help you with annual maintenance, tune-ups, and more!

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