Back to School: Vacations in a Weekend

School is back in session soon; back to schedules, and homework, and projects, oh my! School is hard work for your kiddos, and well, for you, too! It can seem like there is just no spare time, but some of the best camping happens when the kids are in school. You can have the perfect weekend getaway to unplug and reconnect with each other, all it takes is just a little bit of planning. Look at the school calendar for 3-day weekends or other scheduled days off, and find a RV campground within a couple hours drive. Any further and you’ll spend most of your time driving, rather than playing. But be sure to book your reservation early, as the spots can fill up fast. I’ve posted previously on great campgrounds close to us here.



One place my family recharges and connects is at the river delta. It is about an hour away, but it feels like we are in a different world all together. Our worries and stresses just melt away, cruising along the river and hanging out on the beach by the RV. My two and a half year old LOVES sleeping in the “RV truck,” so bedtime isn’t usually an issue and we can keep him on his regular schedule (mostly). Really, there is nothing that beats the look of joy on his face when we are out having fun at the river in the family RV.

The Kiddo and The Grandpa training to catch a wave.  Hang Loose!

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