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Columbia Northwest Somerset Chesapeake Folding Pop-Up Camper

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Are you ready to start your next camping trip with one of the newest folding pop-up campers from Columbia Northwest? The Somerset Chesapeake is the answer to your camping needs! With the Somerset Chesapeake you will find that camping can be fun and easy.
This model can easily be towed behind your car or SUV. Simply load up your gear, and head out to enjoy your time away in the Somerset Chesapeake!

Somerset Chesapeake Features:

Standard Features
  • Sunbrella 302


  • Electric brakes
  • Tire size 20.5x8x10


  • (2) Overhead dome lights
  • Flip-up galley w/storage
  • Porcelain 2-burner range w/cover


  • Portable water tank (5 gal.)

See us for a complete list of features and available options.

All features and specifications are subject to change.


Trouble-Free Camping: Fast and Easy Set Up.
Only Somerset Campers feature a Roof Lift System that is the smoothest, quietest, most reliable available. Plus the beds are designed to slide out easier, and with supports built in, there are no loose poles or lost parts. The galley effortlessly swings into place, and door installation is a breeze. Everything is designed to be…well, simple. After all, you want to camp. Not test your engineering skills.

Pass It On: A Camper this Durable will Last Generations.
Somerset Campers are the only – yes, only – tent campers that feature automotive frame construction. Translation: a full metal skeleton and skin, so there’s nothing to rot, warp or ruin your day five years from now. The way we see it, everything starts with a solid foundation.    

Quality That Shines Through: Sunbrella Tenting Material.
Since 75% of a tent camper is the tent, we decided to use the best material on the planet. Only Somerset campers feature Sunbrella material for the complete tent. It’s fire-retardant, and mold and mildew-resistant. In addition, our windows are clear vinyl when others are heavily-tinted. The difference is eye-opening. (Especially when you’ve got a view of that mountain lake. Or pristine forest. Or endless beach.)